Ultimate Guide to Planning a Lake Tahoe Honeymoon

Updated: 11/30/21 •  8 min read
lake tahoe shore view on a sunny day

We know that planning out the perfect honeymoon can be just as tough as putting together the wedding itself.

After the big day, you and your spouse probably just want to kick back and relax without any more stress on your mind.

We’ve got your back.

Here’s the ultimate guide to planning your Lake Tahoe honeymoon.

Which Side of Lake Tahoe is Best for Honeymoon?

Lake Tahoe honeymoons are much loved no matter the side or season. But since the region is too big to properly covet within a few days, pick the side that suits you best.

North Lake Tahoe

The north side of Lake Tahoe spoils you with fine resorts and restaurants.

It’s practically made for winter honeymoons, as you have eight ski resorts to choose from.

Just imagine lounging in front of a floor-to-ceiling window after enjoying the wide range of outdoor activities; watersports, biking, hiking and skiing are among crowd favorites.

To sweeten the deal, the northern shore is host to annual food and wine festivals, as well as local concerts at the outdoor amphitheater.

Laidback and chill, this side lets you bask in those ‘just married’ feels.

South Lake Tahoe

Riding the high of having just gotten married?

Bring that excess happiness and excitement to the south side of Lake Tahoe, the ‘happening’ place of this beautiful honeymoon destination.

Not only is it packed with visitors thanks to its growing art scene (Valhalla Arts Festival being a June staple); its thriving nightlife promises a youthful and varying crowd.

Similar to the north side, it offers great hiking options and watersports. Other unique experiences include hot air balloon rides!

The only downside is that there are fewer accommodations to choose from, but they’re no less stunning than their northern counterparts.

Lake Tahoe Winter
winter in lake tahoe

When’s the Best Time to Go to Lake Tahoe?

There’s a strategy to planning honeymoons at Lake Tahoe, and that’s by deciding what type of activities you’re looking for.

Winter Honeymoon

Winter, a generous stretch between November and May, brings a pristine sheet of white to Lake Tahoe.

Glorious snow on the slopes leads to incredible skiing grounds, followed by cozying up in hotel lounges.

For intimate, white winter vibes – honeymoon during the colder months.

Spring/Fall Honeymoon

Melting snow, fresh blooms and greens, drooping temperatures and stunning fall foliage present two different faces of Lake Tahoe.

Yet spring and fall prove that shoulder months are the perfect time to honeymoon at Lake Tahoe, and not just because you get better bargain deals.

While tourism winds down in March and November, hikers gear up for comfortable treks.

The mellow temperatures will keep you out in the stunning nature.

Summer Honeymoon

Summer can get pretty heated, making it perfect for the beach.

Barraged with festivals, happy-hour cruises, mountain-biking tours and other daily outings, it’s the best time for adrenaline junkies.

On the other hand, it’s also the most crowded time of the year, apart from special holidays.

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Average Cost of a Lake Tahoe Honeymoon

Pricey! Honeymooning at Lake Tahoe isn’t exactly a budget-friendly journey, even if it’s well worth the money.

The average cost of a week-long honeymoon is $3,100.

This excludes any vehicle rentals, special sports or event expenses, gondola rides and additional shopping sprees.

If we break down the main expenses:

How Much Does a Honeymoon at Lake Tahoe Cost?

You’ll most likely spend between $2,500 and $4,000 on a Lake Tahoe honeymoon, depending on your choice of stay, duration, range of activities and dining.

Top Things to Do in Lake Tahoe for Honeymoon

North of Lake Tahoe

Covering a third of Lake Tahoe’s territory, the Nevada side is slightly less developed than its southern counterpart.

The relatively untouched nature means plenty of pristine beaches and quiet hikes.

For newlyweds visiting North Lake Tahoe, it’s all about spending quality time together.

Skiing is a much-loved thing to do in Lake Tahoe, and the north side’s Diamond Peak Ski Resort is a popular spot.

Northstar California Resort, too, undergoes a huge transformation from cycling and golf course to winter wonderland.

Speaking of mountains, hiking through Tahoe National Forest is a must!

The Inspiration Point Vista scans over Lake Tahoe’s glorious landscapes.

Sugar pines, Douglas firs and other dense forests run from the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the shoreline.

North Lake Tahoe is also known for its stretch of beaches.

Kings Beach, North Tahoe Beach, Sand Harbor and Secret Cove Beach don’t just offer kayaking and paddleboarding; they’re literally picture-perfect for that honeymoon album.

Unwind after months of hectic wedding planning by lounging under sunny skies.

Fishing is another Lake Tahoe activity for honeymooners.

A reliable operator, Matt Heron Fly Fishing will have you reeling in fresh trout; free fishing at Truckee River will yield rainbow trout and Kokanee salmon.

Of course, adventurous souls may prefer rougher waters.

Whitewater rafting is a north side specialty, balanced out with its calmer river rafting counterpart.

With Truckee River Raft Company, float down the waterways past forests and mountainscapes and stop off at swimming holes.

Feeling an urge for “urban” entertainment?

Incline Village treats you to shopping local handicrafts, outlet shops and delightful boutiques.

Don’t forget nightly performances either!

Outdoor music venues take you from small amphitheaters to Commons Beach and Kings Beach, lively music guiding you through quick spins over sandy stages.

Lake Tahoe Sierra Nevada Mountains
lake tahoe with mountains in the background

South of Lake Tahoe

They say married life is an adventure, so start off with all the outdoor exploration South Lake Tahoe offers!

The lively destination is perfect if you like to meet new people and experience both natural and social delights.

Emerald Bay is a top South Lake Tahoe attraction, offering a dense hiking network through thick forests and around serene lakes.

Most people stick to hiking the Rubicon Trail, Lower Eagle Falls, and up Mt. Tallac, but look a little lower.

There’s even an underwater heritage trail where you dive through sunken crafts and barges!

If you’re not sure where to start, sign up for a Lake Tahoe photography tour.

Within the mountainous landscape are hidden vestiges of history.

To see Lake Tahoe of the past, visit Castle Vikingsholm, the Tallac Historic Site, and the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion.

They’re just a few of the many beautiful estates in the area.

El Dorado Wine Country also combines culture and landscape so you get a deeper appreciation of Lake Tahoe charms.

Winter is exceptionally beautiful at Heavenly Mountain and Palisades Tahoe, but Kirkwood is no slouch when it comes to skiing either.

If you’re hoping for more constrained winter sports, there’s also an ice rink to keep you sheltered.

In the summer, gondola rides up Heavenly Mountain feature stunning panoramas.

Other unique ways of sightseeing on your Lake Tahoe honeymoon is via helicopter or hot air balloon rides.

The latter carries more distinct, romantic vibes – but can you turn down a 360-degree sweep of green valleys and teal waters?

Camp Richardson lets you camp right by those waters; perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

If your idea of a fun honeymoon is sleeping under the stars, it’s one of the best things to do in Lake Tahoe.

The camp also hosts the summer Renaissance Festival; a lively experience you’re unlikely to forget.

Speaking of lively, nightlife shines bright in South Lake Tahoe!

Whether you’re planning on rolling the dice at a casino or swinging wild across the nightclub floor, you’ll find lively crowds.

For non-stop parties, stop by Harrah’s Tahoe, the Opal Ultra Lounge at Montbleu, Horizon and Harvey’s.

While not a highlight, shopping is great for filling up spare minutes. After all, outlet stores with up to 70% discounts are hard to pass up.

Shops at Heavenly and the Factory Stores at the Y are two of the main malls.

Bring home some Lake Tahoe souvenirs to remember this honeymoon by.

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