The Best Virgin Island to Visit for Your Honeymoon

Updated: 09/11/21 •  11 min read
Jost Van Dyke white sand beach with lounge chairs

​​The Virgin Islands are made up of nearly 100 islets and cays, and choosing one to visit for your honeymoon can be an uphill task.

Planning your dream getaway can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

Whether you want to spend all of your time lying on beautiful beaches next to stunning views of turquoise waters or trying out new activities, the right island choice could make or break your honeymoon.

Celebrate the first few days of your married life in paradise; here’s a highlight of some of the best Virgin Islands to visit for your honeymoon.

Best Virgin Island for Honeymoon

No time to read and just want an answer? St. Croix is the best place to stay for a honeymoon in the Virgin Islands.

Don’t let city hustle distract you from each other; honeymoons are all about you.

This island is a compromise between idyllic retreat and outdoor activity.

St. Croix, though the largest of the U.S islands, has more of a countryside feel than an urban city.

The sleepy old towns of Christiansted and Frederiksted hide charming eateries, colonial churches, duty-free shops and history museums.

More history is sprinkled within sugar plantations turned botanical gardens.

Lazy beach days are on the menu too – you can spend days on sand or snorkeling in the shallows.

In particular, Salt River Bay National Park offers up mangroves and archaeological sites in an eye-opening experience.

Whether you’re a foodie, snorkel head, wine-wild drinker or nature wanderer, this island caters to all your leisure needs.

Read on for a comparison of all the islands and see if this tropical paradise is the best for you.

U.S. Virgin Islands

st. john, USVI

Which of these tropical islands sound like the best honeymoon destination to you?

St. Thomas

Those who can’t leave the city behind will be happy to settle in St. Thomas.

Charlotte-Amalie, the capital and biggest city of UVI, is ideal for romantic getaways because it offers many restaurants, sandy beaches, great shopping, and time outdoors.

Highly recommended for people with diverse interests!

Spend a day on Coki Beach, the perfect spot to soak up some sun and go snorkeling.

Being a cruise-ship magnet, Charlotte-Amalie drives locals away while visitors flood the labyrinth of bazaars for good bargains.

The historic 99 Steps bring you to a prime photo spot over the 17th-century colonial city.

You’re also in for the best noms in the Virgin Islands; a blend of French, Continental, Mexican and Puerto Rican fare.

You can still get close to nature at beaches such as Magens Bay Beach, Secret Harbour and Sapphire Beach.

Jet ski across St. John Bay or visit Coral World Ocean Park for a swim with dolphins and sea lions.

16 Best Virgin Islands Honeymoon Resorts

St. John

Want to work up a sweat? Venture into the wild and snorkel like you’re the one with fins?

If you want to forgo the classy for a casual, sandals and shorts only kind of holiday; St. John is the best Caribbean Island to visit.

The smallest and most untouched of the lot, it’s a nature wonderland.

U.S. Virgin Islands National Park makes up the bulk of the island, offering guided walks and safari bus tours through pristine beaches and ghostly sugar-cane plantations alike.

You could easily hike your trip away.

While the transparent waters of Honeymoon Beach showcase much of the island’s pretty reefs, a really cool local treasure is the underwater snorkeling trail of Trunk Bay.

Once you’ve kayaked your way through Coral Bay’s mangrove forest, enjoy a lively drink at Cruz Bay.

No trip to St. John is complete without a trip to the pristine waters of Cinnamon Bay and Caneel Bay Beach.

Soak up the amazing views, walk on the soft sand and enjoy the Caribbean Sea cooling your feet.

Trunk Bay St John
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Croix

Snorkeling. History. Art. Think of St. Croix as the middle sister of the American Virgin Islands; boasting slightly less traffic than St. Thomas but brimming with historical riches.

The largest of the three, it’s a hit amongst divers and marine enthusiasts, as well as cruise-ship passengers looking for some West Indian-aesthetic.

If you’ve ever wanted to discover underwater worlds like a mermaid, St. Croix is the best Virgin Island to visit (for a honeymoon or otherwise).

Buck Island National Park features an amazing offshore reef with actual snorkeling trails – signs are posted along the ocean floor.

Turtles, eels, and seahorses can be spotted at Cane Bay, while Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge remains untouched by human hands.

There is a striking fort in Frederiksted that provides a taste of local history.

For pretty sights, the classic Danish architecture and harbor-front boutiques of Christiansted are camera-worthy.

British Virgin Islands

british virgin islands

Or perhaps the best Virgin Island to visit for honeymoons lies on the British side? These beautiful islands are more private and peaceful than the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Tortola’ sounds straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean – and it sort of is.

Rolling waves, unspoiled beaches, and panoramic hikes make it an exceptional getaway.

Forget about the city; here, you’ll finally find some peace.

What it’s best known for, however, is being the boating center of the Caribbean Basin.


A short boat ride away is Peter Island Resort, a popular destination for a romantic getaway.

Relax at the spa, have a beachfront dinner or just hang out on remote beaches while enjoying panoramic views.

Where capital Road Town is quaint but routine, the island’s marina, yachts, day boats and other sailing-related activities are spot on.

If you’d rather conquer the waves personally, Apple Bay is one of the best places to surf in the region.

Or, lounge about with a tropical drink at Lambert Beach after a dive to the RMS Rhone wreck.

Mount Sage is bogged with hiking trails and zip-line courses if you’d rather be up high.

Jost Van Dyke

If you like to keep things cozy and casual, tiny Jost Van Dyke is perhaps, the best Virgin Island to visit for your honeymoon.

Most people experience it as a day trip from Tortola, drawn in by the charming beach bars, stunning beaches and laidback atmosphere.

Every ‘to do’ on this island comes back to relaxation.

Great Harbor serves up endless platters of seafood and refreshing cocktails; take your pick of bars and restaurants.

There’s also spectacular views of bobbing yachts.

Wander over to coconut shaded white sand beaches like White Bay, maybe even stumble across natural wonders like Bubbly Pool.

It’s a famous phenomenon nicknamed Mother Nature’s Jacuzzi – super cute!

Virgin Gorda Baths
The Baths, Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda

30 minutes away from Tortola (via ferry) is yet another worthwhile day trip.

Virgin Gorda isn’t just the third largest island in the archipelago; it’s also home to the prettiest beaches.

It’s a top choice for those who just want to bask under the sun and do nothing else.

Legend says the island was named so because Christopher Columbus thought it was shaped like a woman, but what really captures your attention are the Virgin Gorda Baths.

These hulking, 40-feet wide boulders would make great seats for giants – not to mention housing secluded, shallow pools for us to flail in.

Savannah’s Bay and Devil’s Bay are best for swimming and snorkeling, but Trunk Beach is great for sun worshippers too.

Side note: Virgin Gorda hosts some of the most luxurious hotels in the Virgin Islands, like Biras Creek. You do have to pay a pretty penny though.


‘Coral reefs’ sum up the entirety of your Anegada experience.

As the only coral island within the Virgin Islands archipelago, its flat elevation means that activities are centered on the coast.

What is it best for? Definitely waterside fun.

Loblolly Bay and Cow Wreck Beach are the kind of secluded that you expect eccentrically named beaches to be, unspoiled and quiet.

But where humans may be few, wildlife is more than comfortable – see if you can spot flamingos, rock iguanas and rare plants like sea lavender.

To enjoy the best of nature and comfort, glamping is highly recommended.

For more adventure, hit the depths of Horseshoe Reef for shipwrecked treasures and marine life.


Book your stay at the nearby Guana Island, the perfect destination and ultimate romantic experience for couples looking for privacy and tranquility.

Miles of natural beauty, palm trees and secluded beaches welcome you.

Virgin Islands Travel Tips


Best Time to Visit & Weather

Caribbean weather either spoils you or terrifies you, so plan your travels smartly!

The best time to visit (weather-wise) is April to June – temperatures are typically mild, and the skies tend to stay clear.

Even as summer roars and chases your heels by late June, the hurricanes aren’t far behind.

Avoid the islands between June and November; you want to nip out of there before peak hurricane season in September and October.

You don’t want to be stuck indoors your entire honeymoon after all.

While steadier, stable weather makes a comeback in the winter months (December through April), so does the tourist count.

Prices shoot up during this season, so consider if Christmas and Mardi Gras parades are worth shelling out for.

If you can’t swing a spring honeymoon, late November or early December just might make the cut.

How to Get There

Take your pick: air or sea? Because there are no direct flights to the British Virgin Islands from North America or Europe, most visitors fly into the international airports in St. Thomas or St. Croix.

From there, you transfer to an inter-island ferry to reach your final destination.

Some regional airlines may offer service between St. Croix and Tortola.

Alternatively, extend your honeymoon with a cruise to St. Thomas or St. Croix!

While it’s a slower journey, cruises offer a sneak peek of your honeymoon destination.

Luxury cruises depart from San Juan, Puerto Rico or Miami, Florida on a regular basis.

Anegada Island

Getting Around

Getting around the Virgin Islands are easier than you think!

A host of public ferries will transport you between the islands; you can also opt for private water-taxi services if you’re on a tight schedule.

When you’re traveling on an island, renting a car offers the most freedom.

Rental car agencies are available on each island, as are car barges to transport them between islands.

Public transport comes in the form of buses; while affordable, they’re not exactly reliable.

Need to get somewhere quickly and safely?

Taxis stop at major tourist sites and hotels, offering round-trip rides that cost between $8 and $40 per person.

Don’t forget to negotiate your fare before accepting the ride.

Things to Know

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